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  • 100% of participating Teachers and Mentors strongly recommend the Clinic.

  • 100% of Teachers claim they are more knowledgeable, effective, and confident helping a struggling reader. 

  • 100% of Teachers strongly agree that "The Clinic's professional development was high quality."

Hear what teachers have to say about our program: 

§   “I have never been to a better professional development opportunity in my life. I learned so much about how to help struggling readers that I can use in a 1:1 situation, as well as transferring into my own general education classroom.”

§  “The skills I learned from the DC Reading Clinic have been invaluable to my practice.”

§  “…this was one of the best experiences I have ever had.”

§  “Because of the training I received at the Clinic I feel better able to provide not only high quality reading instructions to my students but also support to my colleagues.”

§  "This course on using effective teaching strategies to teach reading has been the most important professional development I have had.  I only regret that it didn’t happen at the beginning of my career because it could have saved so many students from reading failure."

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